Welcome to Foster Fun!

Dr. Newbury and foster friend

Are you excited — and maybe a little terrified — to be fostering a litter of kittens from the local shelter at your home?  Are you a super experienced foster with a medical question?  Somewhere in between?  You’ve come to the right place!

I’m Dr. Sandra Newbury a veterinarian with the UC Davis Shelter Medicine Program (read more about me HERE) … and this blog was created to talk about all things foster — yes, the FUN for sure… but also the issues and problems that can arise when you bring shelter animals into your home to mix and mingle with your family, and your family pets (or maybe not!).  I’m excited to share all the latest news and ‘how-to’s’ with you … and I’m looking forward to your feedback and your shared experiences!

Let’s get on with the Foster Fun!

— Dr. N.