Kitten Tonic

Fostering.  We have so much to talk about.  Where to start?  Since we’re just getting rolling I’ll start out with a quick word on definitions. And since it is mid-kitten season in this hemisphere I thought I might sprinkle in a little positive thinking.

(Funny to think that when kitten season starts to settle down here it is just getting started somewhere else.)

Let’s start out with the terminology, “Failed Foster”.  I wonder how many of you use the term?  I wonder how many have fallen victim?

Now at first blush, that term doesn’t sound very optimistic.  But, it is, to be honest, where we are in my regularly fostering home right now and we’re feeling very positive.

We had planned to entice any adopters looking for a googlie eyed alien.

I had intended to start this blog with a brand new set of foster kittens.  Some people might be a little chagrined by this situation.  Some, like my colleague Dr. Hurley, might even be so cunningly desperate to cover up the situation that they name their new life-mate “Foster”, so that he will forever remain a “Foster” cat.

My son and I are diligent home finders for our foster pets. We bump into people all over town who have adopted an animal from our house.  We start taking pictures and plan for adoption readiness right from the moment we pick who we’ll bring home next. We focus on efficiency so they can come through as quickly as possible, never even needing to be returned to the shelter.  We’ll circle back to talk about all that and how important it is in a later blog.

I just can’t do it this time.  It isn’t even my son asking as he does each time we get ready for the adoptions, “Are you sure we shouldn’t keep them?”.  This time I’m sure.  I am in love and it doesn’t feel like failure at all even though it was an accident.  Isn’t that how love goes?

Here she is and she’s where she’ll stay. She’ll be a great case for us to discuss but for now, who cares about that.  Gigi Ta brings so much happiness to everyone around her our pet sitter calls her  the “Kitten Tonic”.


4 comments on “Kitten Tonic

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  2. I am a many times “failed foster”…and I am proud to be so…and I don’t consider it failure if I can still produce more happy, healthy fosters for others to adopt. The terminology needs to be updated!

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