Guest blogger seeks name

Excuse me.  I am broken so I am disrupting this foster blog.  Plans for this blog keep going astray.

Dr. Newbury had planned to write next with some more information about monitoring animals in foster homes. UC Davis KSMP has a wealth of information on that subject.  But I got stuck in a car engine (probably because the weather got a little cooler and the engine was warm).  Wham!  Next thing I knew I was at the shelter with two broken legs and a good thunk to the head.  Everyone was so worried about me even though I kept trying to show them I was just fine.

Dr. Newbury didn’t even want to introduce me to all of you because she thought I might not make it.  She had this whole plan that the first foster for the blog would be a nice, simple starter case so you could all walk through the basics together for how to get things set up and then get started. But she IS a veterinarian (convenient for me), and sometimes plans don’t work out.  I’m really cute and I really needed help.

So far, it looks like things are working out for me.  Thank goodness I got excellent care from the Dane County Humane Society.  They have an agreement with a local emergency clinic (Exceptional Care for Animals) so animals in urgent need of care can see a veterinarian even when the shelter clinic is closed.

I’m not totally out of the woods (lucky I have a personal veterinarian!) but she did allow me to guest blog because I can’t go around without a name forever.  My neurologic signs have gone away.  Besides we’re both thinking a little positive energy could help us out.  This has been a lot of work.

So any name ideas?  Please leave them in the comments. Let’s get some suggestions and maybe she can figure out how to do another poll to vote.


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